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MyDocit Personal Organizers History

Jennifer Hobbs, Designer

In 2012 we were approached by a High School English teacher, Jennifer Hobbs, who had an idea for an 8 Pocket Folder that would help keep students organized. Jennifer watched for years as her students would struggle with multiple folders that would eventually become overstuffed and tear. Realizing that there was no real solution at market, she set out to develop a durable, long lasting folder that could hold up to 8 subjects.


In 2013, we added the 8 Pocket Folder to our DocIt product line. Made from thick, durable poly the 8 Pocket Folder has 4 expanding pockets per side that hold up to 200 sheets of paper. The low-profile expandable pockets allow students to easily search through their papers without having to remove them from the folder. Each folder includes write-on labels to identify various subjects and has a dual button and elastic closure that allows the user to keep the folder open or closed.


The 8 Pocket Folder was an instant success among students and parents alike and as a result, in 2014 we launched its sister product, the 4 Pocket Binder. The 4 Pocket Binder is made from extra thick, durable poly and has a 1” D Ring that holds up to 200 sheets and 4 expanding pockets that hold up to 100 sheets. The 4 Pocket Binder also includes write-on labels and features the dual closure.

4 Pocket Binder

8-Pocket Folder

8 Pocket Binder

4-Pocket Binder

  • Holds 8 subjects in one folder
  • 4 expanding pockets per side hold up to 200 sheets
  • Fits easily in backpacks or desks
  • Dual closure to hold folder open or closed
  • Write-on labels included
  • 1" D Ring binder holds up to 200 sheets
  • 4 expanding pockets hold up to 100 sheets
  • Dual closure to hold binder open or closed
  • Write-on labels included